Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First vvvvlog

wow...the camera is stupid...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Food in Ann Arbor

Oh no..............don't listen to this, it's a disaster.

Hello the world...

Hello, eyes from all over the world, you have a new place to have fun killing your time now~

Okay, now, the blog is opened due to a mandatory action: the class which is assigned to the summer research exchange program here in Michigan. And I am a member of that, who has traveled thousands of miles in order to see the possible difference of the bench work and experience the culture shock.
Having lived in University of Michigan for several days, I have to assure you guys that the weather here in Ann Arbor is really CONSISTANTLY unpredictable. By saying consistantly unpredictable I do not mean it changes all the time, but that you can never tell what's happening next. What's happening now is that the cold windy weather has been on for nearly a week. Everybody is expecting it to be warmer, but it's still CONSISTANTLY COLD...

Bad news... They are calling me to stop and save. See u next time.